The Clerk of Courts position is a full-time job that pays $117,000 per year. Amber Zibritosky makes her own schedule, but she’s entitled to 3 weeks of paid vacation. When we say that Ms. Zibritosky ignores that policy, and instead takes about 10 weeks of paid time off per year, we mean it. And we are willing to back it up.

Open this file to see the summary of Ms. Zibritosky’s electronic swipe card entries into the courthouse: AZ-swipe-data-summary

The file demonstrates that Ms. Zibritosky no-showed on 121 days out of 616 that the courthouse was open, since the date she was appointed as Clerk. This equates to 24.2 weeks of paid vacation. During this period, she would only be entitled to 4.928 weeks of paid vacation.

Here is a screenshot of the vacation policy:

Open these files to see the original data, produced via public records requests. The data is derived from Ms. Zibritosky’s swipe card usage.

AZ Swipe Card Raw Data – pt 1

AZ Swipe Card Raw Data – pt 2
AZ Swipe Card Raw Data – pt 3

AZ Swipe Card Raw Data – pt 4

And now, to dispense with some excuses that Ms. Zibritosky’s campaign is likely to use:

  • “Covid kept me at home” – Amber’s attendance record is consistent for the past 2.5 years. Amber’s attendance was just as bad after Covid, as it was before Covid.
  • “Some of this data isn’t even from my swipe card” – The City of Stow law department informed us that Ms. Zibritosky used the swipe card of her predecessor (Diana Colavecchio) from March 6, 2019 to June 7, 2019, so we included those months within this data. Again, this data does not differ meaningfully from the rest of Ms. Zibritosky’s tenure.
  • “I was working from home” – We asked for evidence of working from home. The City of Stow law department had said there is “no available record of [remote] login/access.” (Regardless, when you’re directly managing employees, you need to be present.)
  • “The security guard let me in, without me using a swipe card.” – You’ll note, on days where Ms. Zibritosky is at work, there are numerous swipes in, out and around the courthouse (see Raw Data files). On the days we claim Amber was absent, there are no swipes whatsoever. It’s possible Amber entered the building via security on occasion, but it’s not credible to claim she had every other door within the building opened for her, also. If Amber was let in by security, we would see other swipes around the building. If there was even one swipe on a given day, we gave her credit for showing up.

By contrast, Mike Rasor will show up and work hard.