We did not succeed in our campaign for Clerk of Court. The results were:

Zibritosky: 50%
Rasor: 41%
Chapman: 9%

I have no regrets in how we ran this race. We controlled the one thing we can control: our level of effort. I want to share my genuine gratitude for everyone who donated money, displayed a yard sign, or volunteered time.

We knew this would be a tough battle — for a Republican to beat a Democrat incumbent in a district that went Democrat by 7% just a year ago. A difficult task got harder when a second Republican (Chapman) unexpectedly entered the race. It became nearly impossible when a scam slate card identified Chapman the “endorsed Republican” and Zibritosky went around calling him “Conservative Chapman.”

We spent tens of thousands of dollars and 3 weeks of the campaign to “undo” the harm from their dirty trick, but the bell had been rung. I can’t deny that I was angry about this fraudulent messaging — and I’m still angry. However, I felt called to participate in this race, and someday God will show us why it played out like this.

Looking forward, I wish Amber success in her next 6 year term. One of my motivating factors for running was that the Clerk’s office is a huge vulnerability for budget overruns. But last night, we elected 5 conservatives to Stow council, who will help keep the Court’s budget in check.

Liberals across Summit County are celebrating my loss and are writing my political obituary. I have unfortunate news for them: I won’t be giving up.

With much love and thanks,

p.s. If you have a yard sign, we will do our best to pick it up over the next few days, but you are welcome to throw it in the trash/recycling in the meantime.