When is my road getting paved?

“When is my road getting paved?” is the question residents ask me most frequently.

Before I answer, it helps to understand our rating system. We use an objective numerical system (1-100) to rate our roads. It’s the same system (“Pavement Condition Index” or “PCI”) used by the Army Corps of Engineers. Those numerical values can generally be categorized as follows:

  • 100-86 – Good
  • 85-71 – Satisfactory
  • 70-56 – Fair
  • 55-41 – Poor
  • 40-26 – Very poor
  • 25-11 – Serious
  • 10-0 – Failed

How does your road stack up? Click here to find your road’s numerical ranking (column J, titled “PCI”):

So when is my road getting paved? Click here to see the list of roads we intend to pave this year, based on current cost projections:

Sometimes we group together clusters of roads that are nearby to each other, in order to get more efficiency out of the process. Beyond that, priority is based mainly on PCI.

Another question is: “Why are our roads so bad?” That is a simpler answer.

About 10 years ago, the economy took a nosedive and city governments were left scrambling for ways to make ends meet. Stow’s leaders at the time chose to skimp on infrastructure maintenance. We are still playing catchup to recover from those decisions.

It might take $5 million for us to get our roads back to where they need to be. Before I leave city council, I hope to come up with a way to fund that project. You deserve good roads.