As an advocate of innovation, Mike Rasor is believed to be the NATION’S FIRST local candidate to accept donations of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others). Any donor of at least 1 ETH or 0.1 BTC will receive a unique NFT from the campaign. These will be the first-ever NFTs minted by a political candidate.



(Secure payment via Coinbase)



By clicking DONATE, you agree that:

1. I Am A United States Citizen Or Permanent Resident Alien;

2. This Contribution Represents My Personal Funds And Is Not Drawn On An Account Maintained By An Incorporated Entity Or Other Prohibited Source (Including, But Not Limited To, Such Organizations As Corporation Or Labor Union);

3. The Funds I Am Donating Are Not Being Provided To Me By Another Person Or Entity For The Purpose Of Making This Contribution; And

4. I Will Assist the Campaign in Providing All Information Required to Be Disclosed by Law.

All donations are final. Refunds and cancellations will be considered case-by-case at the discretion of our finance team. If a refund is issued, a charge will be deducted from any refunds made in order to cover the cost of processing the original donation. If you believe that an error has been made in connection with your online donation, contact us at