Fiscal Responsibility

Mike promises to watch over your tax dollars as if it were his own money. We should endeavor to maintain our rainy-day fund, both to ensure the City can survive an economic downtown and also to protect its excellent credit rating. Currently, the balance of the City’s rainy-day fund is at an all-time high. Mike will continue to build on this success.

“Downtown Stow”

It’s important for our community to have a gathering place. But currently, there is no such thing as Downtown Stow. The City’s commercial areas are sprawled throughout its borders. Mike will use his background as a real estate and business attorney to encourage the development of a walkable entertainment district that includes independent shops and restaurants.

Infrastructure Improvements

In the past 7 years, Mike has been a consistent voice calling for more allocation of funds toward road and storm-water improvements. In response, City budgets have included an extra $1 million per year in road improvements. The City has recently stepped up the effort to fund projects that will prevent residential flooding. But there is more work to do. Mike will continue the fight.

Public Safety

Stow has excellent police and fire departments. The City’s fire department is one of the best in the state, according to independent ratings. We have very skilled and professional dispatchers. Mike will ensure that these services are maintained and enhanced.

Community Leadership

These are stressful times in our nation. The politics of today are very polarized. Mike will continue to provide steady leadership that allows both Republicans and Democrats to know they are welcomed, and their voices are heard and respected, in Stow.