Keeping and Creating Jobs

Mike Rasor is an attorney who helps small and midsize businesses grow and succeed. He knows what laws and incentives will stimulate economic growth for the benefit of Ohio families.

Reinvigorating the American Dream

Mike Rasor will fight for each Ohioan’s right to rise. Government cannot stand in the way of an individual’s right to harness his or her God-given potential, no matter if someone is born in poverty, with a disability, or otherwise. Ohio should remove barriers for entrepreneurs to raise capital, open doors for apprenticeships, and lower the cost to get a college or trade school education.

Protecting Tax Dollars

You work hard to earn a living. You deserve leaders who won’t waste your tax dollars. On Stow City Council, Mike Rasor has worked to cut wasteful spending, cut debt by 45 percent and balance the budget – without raising taxes.

Investing into our Future

Mike Rasor understands that Ohio must do a better job at investing into transportation, schools, and other infrastructure. Failing to maintain, replace, and improve our infrastructure does not constitute a savings; it only kicks the can down the road to a future generation.

Supporting First Responders

Mike Rasor will always have the backs of Ohio’s first responders, because they have always had ours. The Democrat in this race gloats when an officer-involved shooting appears to implicate wrongdoing on the police; Mike Rasor understands police have a difficult job, and will not try to score political points at an officer’s expense.

Working across the Aisle

Mike Rasor was twice elected as president of Stow City Council, unanimously by both Republicans and Democrats. This illustrates that Mike will work with members of either party to tackle a difficult problem, and he won’t play the petty games that we see in Washington today.

Eliminating Dumb Laws

As a Stow Councilman, Mike took it upon himself to review every page of city ordinances to find “dumb” laws. Then he went about repealing them. Mike will take this same approach to repeal dumb laws within the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code, because he believes dumb laws cost Ohio jobs and can be used improperly by the government.

Empowering Local Control of Schools

Mike Rasor graduated from Stow-Munroe Falls High School and believes in our local schools. We can trust Mike Rasor to fight for local control of our schools. Common core must be repealed. Teachers and parents must be empowered, not Columbus and Washington political insiders.

Protecting Life

Mike and his wife, Laura, are raising their daughter to respect God and the sanctity of human life. We can trust Mike Rasor to protect the unborn.