Traffic alerts (public record)

Here are the roads that Stow Police will be monitoring in the coming weeks. Please be careful driving in our neighborhoods.

  • Baird
  • Baumberger
  • Charring Cross
  • King
  • Nantucket
  • Norton
  • Oak
  • Springdale
  • Treeside

My charter amendment will protect Stow from unfair tax hikes

I introduced legislation last week to amend Stow’s charter, with the goal of protecting Stow residents from unfair tax increases.

Currently, the City imposes a 2% income tax rate. City income taxes are withheld by employers and paid over to the city in which the employer is located. Stow, like almost every Ohio city, gives a 100% credit for the taxes that Stow residents pay to the cities in which they work–so that Stow residents aren’t unfairly taxed twice. For example, my Cleveland law firm pays my 2% income tax to the City of Cleveland, and Stow gives me credit for that sum.

Stow must obtain voter approval to raise the 2% income tax rate. But the City is not required to seek voter approval before decreasing the credit given to Stow residents who work in other cities. Therefore, Stow can effectively raise your taxes without getting your approval.

My proposal seeks to change that.

It explicitly states that: (1) Any tax increase requires voter approval. (2) Any credit decrease requires voter approval. (3) No tax increase or credit decrease can take effect unless voters approve it in a November general election (i.e., the city cannot cherry-pick a low-turnout election to ram it through).

If council agrees with me, this proposal will appear on the ballot in 2018. It’s one of those things I want to accomplish before I leave Stow council.

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