Thank you

The way I see it: There are no bad days; there are only character-building days.

I ran for Clerk of Courts because I could do better than the current regime and the current Clerk is too liberal — even for a blue county like Summit. However, I also believe in math; a Republican wins a blue county like Summit very rarely, and beating an incumbent Democrat is even a longer shot.

Last night, we lost by 11 percent. We got smoked by 30,000 votes in Akron, and we won the rest of the county by 1,626. I congratulate my opponent, Sandra Kurt, and wish her well in her next term.

In an alternative universe, where Covid-19 did not limit in-person voter contacts and large fundraising events (i.e., my strengths as a candidate), this could have been different. But I don’t regret the decision to run. In fact, I’m thankful for making new friends, the memories, and the chance to continue building our team of support for whatever is next in 2021, 2022, or beyond.

Whether you shared a post, ran my campaign, wrote a check, lent some encouragement, or had Laura’s and my back in some other way — we are genuinely thankful.

God put a desire in my heart to serve my generation in government. I’m not done trying to follow that path.