Last night’s council meeting

Here are my notes from last night’s meeting:

Regional dispatch – The mayor made a proposal for Stow to put up its $21,450 share of a consulting fee relating to regional dispatch. The proposal did not make it out of Finance Committee (2-2 vote).

Preservation of Green Space – The Summit Metro Parks is seeking a grant to purchase 115 acres along the Cuyahoga River in Stow (adjacent to Pambi Farms and Surrey Hill developments). The land (mostly consisting of wetlands) would be preserved as green space, which is appropriate.

Pinball Law – Council unanimously repealed the stupid law governing coin-operated games. No, you don’t need “good moral character” (as judged by the government) in order to have a pinball game. No, the government should not be determining where arcade games are placed inside an establishment. Yes, children should be permitted to play skee-ball without a parent watching. End of story. This stupid law is dead.

Issue 15 – Council unanimously resolved to support Issue 15, which eliminates city primary elections. We shouldn’t be wasting tens of thousands of dollars to narrow down, say, a Ward council seat from 3 candidates to 2 candidates. It’s a closer call in mayor elections, but I still plan to vote “yes” on 15.

Community Improvement Corporation – Council rejected a proposal to transfer $25,000 to the Community Improvement Corporation, of which I am a member. In the past year, the CIC has violated its own standards in giving higher-than-justifiable grants to businesses (in spite of my outspoken opposition). It has also given grants to businesses that aren’t creating good jobs (i.e., a coffee shop). I’m not supporting that kind of waste of taxpayer dollars. The CIC has a specific purpose–which is a good one–to attract companies with good-paying jobs by awarding grants. But the CIC cannot exceed its purpose. And the members can’t deviate from the approved formula that determines the amount of grant money. If the CIC can’t stay focused, then I won’t support funding for it.

Next meeting – Council will meet next on November 16. I hope everyone comes out to vote on November 7.