My notes from last night’s council meeting

Here are my personal notes from the Sept. 28 city council meeting:

Ice cream trucks – Council voted 7-0 to approve my legislation to bring ice cream trucks back to Stow, while ensuring our children are protected from injury and predators. Thanks to all the residents who supported this legislative effort.

Stow Municipal Court finances – We heard a presentation from Judge Hoover regarding the finances of the municipal court.

Before getting into the newsworthiness of his remarks, you should know generally how our municipal court is financed.  The court has agreed to pay for its building (total cost of $9.2MM) in 12 annual payments of $40,000 each. If the court has a deficit, then it will retain fine money that would otherwise be paid to the cities it serves. If there is still a deficit after the fine money is retained, then it’s Stow’s responsibility.

Court revenues are down by 7% this year, so the judges won’t be able to make all 12 payments. To date, they have made 1. But there won’t be a deficit. And the court has prepaid through April 2021, so it’s arguable that they don’t owe any amount at all this year.

Bottom line, for Stow’s purposes: It will only cause a budgetary problem for Stow if the court doesn’t give us at least $250,000 in building payments. That is still possible, but uncertain. We will be closely watching this situation throughout this year.

Road repaving – Stow is repaving neighborhood roads between now and October 17. Today is Marsh Road. Wyndham Ridge is Saturday.

On a related note, Stow will seek grant money to undertake some really big road projects, including the project that I think is most overdue–the $5 million widening Seasons Road between Darrow and Route 8. If we receive the grant money, the City of Stow would be on the hook for $500,000, Hudson would pay $500,000, and the federal government would pay $4 million. Another useful project would be installing sidewalks on Route 91, from Conwill to Fishcreek (total cost of $900,000).

Diaper drive recap – Thanks to your generosity, we received 1.5 semi-truck loads of diapers, which were delivered to the Texas Diaper Bank. People also donated $940 in cash, which was also sent to Texas. Stow company TTR Shipping delivered all of our donations to Texas without charge. Awesome all around!

Storm water project update – Our storm water engineer, Mike Jones, presented to council on what projects were completed and on the horizon. Those completed include Ritchie Road, Fishcreek ditch, West Arndale, Hudson Drive catch basin, Quail Highlands pond, Klein/Conwill/Genevieve flooding, Camden, Wetmore Park storage, and Leewood. Future projects will include Marhofer, Wetmore Park (phase 2), Arndale, and Greentree.

Halloween – Trick of Treat is Saturday, October 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Next meeting – Council will meet next on October 12.