My notes from last night’s council meeting

Here are my personal notes from the Sept. 14 city council meeting:

Street paving – We will begin asphalt repaving next week, and it will continue until mid-October. The first streets on the list are Marsh and Elm. As a reminder, here is a link to my rundown of the streets that will be repaved, and a ranking of the condition of every street in town. Related note: Watch for closures and repaving on Route 8 over the next 24 hours.

Ice cream trucks – I presented draft legislation to remove the (unenforced) ban on ice cream trucks and to regulate the trucks for children’s safety. Click this link to read a copy of my proposal, which is likely to be amended before passed into law: Leg – Ice Cream Vendors-2

Diapers for Hurricane Harvey – This week, the city sent a second box truck full of diapers and wipes to Texas for Hurricane Harvey victims. The outpouring of support has been incredible. Thanks also to TTR Shipping, which has delivered our shipments to San Antonio for free. The city will collect diapers and wipes through Sept. 22 in the City Hall lobby during business hours. There is a special need in Texas for adult incontinence supplies.

Traffic cameras – My proposal to ban traffic cameras passed city council by a unanimous vote. I appreciate the community support I received on this issue, which made passage a breeze. There are some holier-than-thou drivers who disagreed, but most people understand that there are basic, unavoidable fairness problems in allowing a fine to be assessed without a human witness.

Next meeting – City council will meet next on Sept. 28. By then, the Indians’ win streak could be pushing 40.