My thoughts on the Stow Twitter controversy

Our government has never been run with more efficiency or ingenuity or cohesiveness. Mayor Sara Kline gets credit for a lot of that. She’s a Democrat. I’m a Republican. Still, I don’t have a problem saying that.


But things aren’t always roses in politics. In the past 24 hours, a controversy has brewed about the Twitter posts of Rob Kline, the husband of Sara Kline. Rob has stated some very nasty and disgusting things about President Trump and his family. I will refrain from re-posting Rob’s tweets, because they are definitely Rated R or worse. If you’re really interested, you can see some of them here: . Suffice it to say, Rob Kline has been appropriately called on the carpet for these tweets, which have a definitive tone of misogyny, racism, and violence.

Residents have asked me to comment. Originally, I did not think a comment was necessary, because it is so obvious that Rob’s posts are outrageous, vile, and perverted. But this has become a major issue, so there should not be any doubt among Stow residents: City Council wholly rejects these tweets.


Ironically, today, Bob Dyer of the Beacon Journal wrote a column about the vile nature of political arguments nowadays. His timing was apt. Here’s the article, which I reposted on my Facebook page today.


My take is simple: What our nation needs, more than anything, is love. Jesus loves. Hippies love. Farmers, bankers, and (even) lawyers love. Jews, Muslims and atheists love. As humans, it’s our universal language. Why do we lose our love when we talk politics? If you love your neighbor, you will respect the places her life has taken her, and the path that led her to her political conclusions. If you love your neighbor, you will listen to him and seek common ground.


My hope: For my generation (millennials) to start a movement to identify and stop personal attacks. The merits of an argument should not be weighed so long as they are presented in an uncivilized manner.


But back to the Kline discussion … Sara originally posted a comment on her Facebook page that defended her husband’s right to free speech. Factually true, but it badly missed the mark. Since then, Sara has written a message to city employees that makes clear she does not condone her husband’s comments. I’ll conclude by posting her message for the rest of the community to see:

As you may have seen on social media, or heard from other sources, my husband posted some very inappropriate tweets earlier today. I do not condone his language or the way he expressed his feelings about some political issues. I love and support my husband but we strongly differ on this issue. He has apologized to me, our daughters and is sincerely sorry that his emotions got the best of him. As we work through this family matter, what also concerns me is the well being of our organization and all of you.
Unfortunately, this has become a matter of discussion on social media sites and the local media. For that, I apologize to all of you.
In no way do I wish to cause embarrassment or concern for any of you. Should you be contacted, please direct people to me. I will handle any and all concerns from citizens as this is solely my responsibility to deal with.
I cannot express how much the City of Stow means to me and how I truly love our organization. I sincerely apologize that a misstep on the part of my family member may refelect poorly on our our organization and the good work we do every day to improve people’s lives.
If any of you would like to talk to me directly, please feel free to email, call or stop by my office.
Thank you.