2020 Announcement


I wanted to provide a quick update about my plans for 2020.

As you might remember, I announced earlier this year that I would be running for State Representative in 2020.

I write today—with both some sadness and yet a firm conviction—to inform you that I will not be running for the State House next year.

And for good reason: Laura and I are blessed to have our second daughter on the way in January. While I feel we could win the race, family is my first priority. Serving three days a week in Columbus is not compatible right now with being a good father and husband. I look forward to focusing on my wife and growing family.

With that being said, I have found an opportunity that is compatible with my family life, and which will emphasize my strengths to serve my community. In 2020, I intend to run for Summit County Council, District 3. The district includes all of Stow, Hudson, Silver Lake, and the northern part of Cuyahoga Falls.

It will be an exciting new challenge, for two reasons: (1) Summit County Council is comprised of eight Democrats and three Republicans; and (2) In the March 17 primary election, I will need to defeat a 12-year incumbent Republican (one who has voted with the Democrats on council 99.3% of the time).

But with your support, I believe we can do the same great things for Summit County that we did for the City of Stow.

You will be hearing much more from me over the winter (including baby pictures), but I wanted you to receive this message before you read about it in the newspaper. Laura and I wish you and yours a very blessed Holiday Season.

Very truly yours,

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