Last night’s City Council meeting

Here are my notes from last night’s city council meeting:

Duplex zoning

In my opinion, we have two problems with our zoning laws when it comes to duplexes. First, they can basically be dropped in anywhere there is a vacant lot–including neighborhoods that otherwise have no multi-family or rental housing. Second, because only 10% of the city’s existing 534 duplexes meet the existing setback restrictions, 90% of them are considered a legal non-conforming use–so that if one burns down, it cannot be replaced.

We are examining legislation, at my request, that would fix both of these problems. Duplexes would no longer be permitted in single-family neighborhoods. And if an existing duplex is damaged, it can be replaced.

Graham Road resurfacing

Next year, Stow and Silver Lake are teaming up to repave Graham Road between the railroad tracks and Elm Road. The project will cost about $1 million, and the state is providing $700,000 of that. It’s a very necessary project, and probably should have happened a couple of years sooner.

SKIP Playground

I proposed legislation to create a committee that would ultimately provide the guidance for rebuilding Skip Playground. To my surprise, this was offensive to one non-profit in Stow that wanted to take the project on by itself. Of course, it does not need to be a city-created committee, but it needs to start moving. I won’t tolerate any delays, given the terrific amount of momentum the project has. I urged my colleagues to provide alternatives to my proposal.

National Night Out

Our police and fire departments will be hosting National Night Out on August 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be a bounce house, slide, police vehicles, raffle, food, face painting and more.

Next meeting

Council will meet next on August 9.