Today is Election Day!

After months of hard work, Election Day has finally arrived. We will need your vote today, to ensure we can obtain the Republican nomination and win this race in November.

There are two other candidates in my race, but I am the only candidate endorsed by the Summit County Republican Party, and the only candidate who has a track record of conservative policy-making.

In the past week, my opponents desperately attacked me. Their allegations are provably false–and one has already been retracted. But, to be candid, we are uncertain how their false attacks will impact the race. So we can’t afford to have any supporters on the sidelines today.

Here is all you need to know about Election Day:

  • Where do I vote? Please click THIS LINK to find out.
  • When are the polls open? From 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.
  • What if I’m not a registered Republican? No problem. In Ohio, you may vote in whichever primary you choose. You can vote for me by requesting a Republican ballot.
  • Can I vote in the Democrat primary–and still vote for you? No, you will need to request a Republican ballot in order to vote for me.
  • Can I help on Election Day? Yes! We need a handful more people to stand at the polls and greet voters. The weather should be great. Please use the Contact Mike button above to volunteer.
  • How can I spread the word? Please SHARE our Election Day post on Facebook. Please RT our post on Twitter. … Or just send a text/email to 5 Republican friends who live in my district.
  • What cities are in your district? The 37th District includes Stow, Hudson, Twinsburg, Macedonia, Cuyahoga Falls (Northampton area only), Munroe Falls, Silver Lake, Northfield Center, Northfield, and Reminderville.

I wanted to run a race that my supporters can be proud of. We have achieved that. In the face of my opponents’ negative attacks, we have remained positive–focusing on our message of fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without your support and encouragement.

I’ll leave you with the State of Ohio’s motto: With God, all things are possible!



Last night’s council meeting

We had a brief meeting last night, with the highlight being council’s selection of Jim Costello as the interim mayor, to serve from May 14 to mid-November, 2018.

I truly appreciate the many emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, etc. from people encouraging me to seek the office of Mayor. To be candid, it would be a real privilege to lead this city. But I have a baby girl and wife–together with a law practice and campaign for state representative. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus, Section 3.02 of Stow’s Charter requires the Mayor to “devote full time and effort during business hours, and such other times as are necessary.” Maybe someday, but not now.

Last night, my fellow councilmembers each said something similar. They just can’t afford to take a 6-month sabbatical from their day jobs. That includes John Pribonic, who has announced he will seek the office in this November’s election, and Matt Riehl, the council president who had the inside track for the job and truly agonized over passing up the chance to serve his hometown.

The only person capable to step into the Mayor’s office was Jim Costello, who has served as the Ward 2 councilman for more than a decade. With only one option, it made council’s job easy. We unanimously voted to make Jim the next mayor.

Jim is far from a last resort. He’s a conscientious and nonpolitical gentleman, and a Navy veteran. I’m very confident that the city will continue to run smoothly. And I’ve offered to personally manage any project or function on his behalf, if needed.

Jim’s appointment will leave a vacancy in his Ward 2 seat for 6 months. Council will vote to fill the seat in May. Anyone who is interested in seeking that position must live in Ward 2, and will need to submit a resume and statement of interest to the Council Clerk before close of business on May 9.

As for the Mayor’s office … Jim stated he did not intend to run to keep the seat past November. To my knowledge, John Pribonic is the only person who has announced to run for it. The winner in November would complete Sara Kline’s term, which ends Dec. 31, 2019. That winner could run again next year for a full 4-year term.

Other notes from last night:

  • The city is embarking on its largest road-paving program ever, beginning with Stow Road and surrounding streets. I’m hopeful that the city will continue to make large investments in infrastructure after I’ve left council. The residents deserve good roads.
  • Please be sure to vote in the May 8 primary election. If you’d like to vote for me, you will need to use a Republican ballot. That’s permissible even if you’re registered as a Democrat or Independent.
  • May 1 is the deadline to complete your Downtown Stow survey. CLICK HERE to take the survey. More than 650 people have already completed the survey. In May, we will vote whether to request proposals from developers.

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