TEN IDEAS: “All Hands On Deck” Approach to Generational Poverty

People ask me: What’s the biggest problem facing our state?

They’re sometimes taken aback by my answer.

Expecting “the opioid crisis” or “gun crime” or “national debt,” I give my answer:

Generational poverty — that we have families that have been poor for generation after generation. That the American Dream seems like a fairy tale in many communities. That the government check is a way of life.

Frankly, I don’t believe we were created in order to be cared for. We were created to work — whether it be with our hands, behind a computer, in a classroom, or as a parent.

But our society has created a framework where people aren’t maximizing their unique God-given potential. Sadly, our society has strived for equality of outcome, instead of equality of opportunity. If you divide America into five socioeconomic classes, you’ll notice that the bottom three classes all enjoy about the same lifestyle. That’s immoral to me, considering that many of these families are working 2 or 3 jobs and many others could but don’t work at all.

I want to change that. I want to infuse economic and career opportunities into our poor inner cities and poor rural areas.

The first step is to create a new House committee — The Committee to End Generational Poverty. I want to chair it. The next step is to create a measuring stick–so we can determine what methods work and hold government accountable. The third step is to start examining proposals.

I have specific proposals, but in general, my plans are these: I want to connect high-school kids with a pipeline for the myriad middle-class jobs that are begging to be filled. I want to give single mothers a shot at building a career. I want to give felons a second chance.

If I have my way, it’s going to be an “all hands on deck” approach. And now is the right time to attack the problem–while the economy is humming and opportunity is plentiful. Let’s declare war on generational poverty!

I’m going to push for Ohio to be the nation’s leader in innovation to get opportunities into neighborhoods that have traditionally been poor.

And when you take a bite out of generational poverty, you begin to fix the drug epidemic, you begin to reduce gun violence, and you begin paying down national debt. I’m going to build a bipartisan coalition to accomplish this, because reducing poverty is an idea Democrats and Republicans both can get behind.

Elect me, and this will be my top priority.