TEN IDEAS: Reduce Our Water Bills by Ending Discriminatory Pricing

Most residents of the 37th District receive their water service from another community, such as Cleveland or Akron.

Hudson residents who receive Akron water pay a $17.76 monthly surcharge that Akron residents do not pay. Twinsburg residents pay double for Cleveland water than what Cleveland residents pay. Stow residents pay 20% more for Akron water.

Where these upcharges actually relate to the out-of-pocket expenses that are necessary to pump water outside the provider’s borders or to repair/replace infrastructure, then the charges are appropriate. However, where they are used “to reduce rates” for their own residents, they are not.

Why? Those communities received millions in state and federal funding to support their infrastructure. Those funds are meant to benefit the state as a whole, and not to free up other money for discriminatory pricing. It’s not fair to take state money, and then profit off neighboring communities.

If we end discriminatory pricing, it will result in hundreds more dollars kept in my constituents’ pockets. It’s an achievable idea that will make a positive difference in our communities.