We won!

The race is over. We have been victorious by a 50-point spread, which is unprecedented for a non-incumbent. All glory to God.
Some thoughts:
  • I want to credit Dexter Vaughan and Craig Shubert for joining me in the arena. It’s really hard to run for State Rep. Doing it as your first race is a lot to ask. My opponents both brought unique strengths to the race, and I hope they will not be discouraged, but will use those skills for our community’s benefit in the future.
  • I want to thank my volunteers, donors, family, friends, consultants, and supporters. I have asked a LOT of you, and you have delivered big time. We have had no problem raising money, getting volunteers together, or obtaining quality advice. This is FAR from a one-man show. Laura and I are indebted to you– and we will repay by doing our best to serve the people of Ohio.
  • I want to tell you why I think we won by such a huge margin:
  1. Republicans (and a great amount of cross-over Democrats) really respect what we’ve done in Stow, and they want to see us do it in Columbus — balancing the budget without raising taxes, chopping debt in half, and bolstering the rainy-day fund.
  2. Republicans (and a great amount of cross-over Democrats) agree that creating opportunity is the way to end generational poverty. We need more occupational licenses, apprenticeships, and affordable college options, so that people can climb from the lower-class into middle-class jobs, buy homes, and grow wealth.
  3. A LOT of people told me that they respected our refusal to go negative–even after being attacked with false allegations. Laura and I decided that who we are, as Christians, is inconsistent with besmirching an opponent for things that have nothing to do with their ability to perform the job. We also recognize that voters are smart. They want to hear about what we will do for the people. In fact, I never even used Dexter’s or Craig’s names in campaign materials until this post.

On to the next round!